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Get up Speak out’ (GUSO)


The ‘Get up Speak out’ (GUSO) 2016-2020 for youth rights was a multinational Dutch Funded program implemented in: 

  •  Indonesia
  •  Pakistan
  •  Ethiopia
  •  Ghana
  • Kenya
  •  Malawi
  •  Uganda 
  •  Bangladesh.

In Kenya, the program was implemented by 10 member organizations: Africa Alive!, ADS Nyanza, AYARHEP CSA, FHOK, TICH, KMET, Nairobits Trust, NAYA Kenya and WOFAK.

The GUSO program was implemented in 6 counties; Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Siaya, Homabay and Bungoma with some of the poorest SRHR indicators. 

The program aimed at empowering all young people especially girls and young women to realize their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in societies that have positive attitude towards young people's sexuality.

 The five expected outcomes contributing towards the anticipated change included:

  1. Strengthened and sustainable Alliances comprehensively address the SRHR of young people.
  2. Empowered young people able to voice their rights.
  3. Increased utilization of comprehensive SRHR information and education by all young people.
  4. Increased utilization of quality and youth-friendly SRHR services that respond to the needs and rights of all young people.
  5. Improved social-cultural, political and legal environment for gender-sensitive, youth-friendly SRHR.

Unique and innovative approach:

The GUSO program focused on strengthening the individual capacity of young people and at the same time improving the availability of sexual and reproductive health services and referral systems to services. In GUSO, young people and specifically girls and young women were central. Young people were structurally involved at all levels, from the program inception, program design, and monitoring and evaluation. GUSO was an inclusive program where parents, care-takers, teachers and community leaders were also involved.


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