The National Steering Committee (NSC) consists of heads of member organizations and the National Programme Coordinator (NPC) who is an ex-official member of the Committee. The NSC in the Alliance is the highest decision making organ with responsibility for all decisions relating to the strategic direction and governance of SRHR Alliance. The NSC provides management, strategic leadership, and financial oversight and sets the policy direction for the alliance.


The SRHR Alliance Secretariat, based at the Center for the study of the Adolescence offices in Nairobi, is responsible for the overall coordination of the Alliance and its programmes. Working closely with partners, the Secretariat oversees the development and facilitation of programmes to ensure that they are meeting objectives and improving the SRH and rights of young people, women and marginalized. The secretariat undertakes the day-to- day administration of the Alliance joint interventions including national level advocacy. It is also responsible for country level reporting, research and monitoring and evaluation.
The Secretariat is headed by National Program Coordinator (NPC) who is responsible for the SRHR programs implementation at country level. The NPC hereto manages the process of collaboration among country alliance partners, facilitates and coordinates program development, annual work plans and budgets, reporting, joint activities, country alliance communication and external relations in a certain country. The NPC is functionally accountable to the NSC. The secretariat currently has 4 full-time staff; Programme Manager, PME Officer and Youth Country Coordinator.
The secretariat also has special committees with representatives drawn from partner organizations in various thematic areas such as Advocacy, Sexual Gender Based Violence Research and Documentation to support its activities.

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