The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Alliance hereinafter referred to as “The Alliance” was established at the Netherlands in 2010 by 5 Dutch organizations namely Rutgers WPF, AMREF Netherlands, Simavi, dance4life and Choice for youth and sexuality who funded 7 local partner organizations. There was a memorandum of understanding between Centre for the Study of Adolescents (CSA), African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) Kenya, Network for Adolescents and Youth of Africa (NAYA), Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK), NAIROBITS, Support Activities in Poverty Eradication and Health (SAIPEH), and Africa Alive. These organizations started to implement the Unite for Body Rights Programme (UFBR) a five year program. The key priority areas included: improved health and reproductive health services, comprehensive sexuality education, combating sexual and gender based violence, and freedom of expression of sexual diversity and gender identity, which are linked to MDGs 3, 5, 5 and 6, and the ICPD plan of action. Girls and boys, and marginalized groups have sexual and reproductive rights irrespective of their background. In 2013 the membership of the alliance grew from 5 to 8 international partners (dance4life, Stop AIDS Now!, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and Child Helpline International (CHI) and 7 to 17 local partners( , Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Child Line Kenya (CLK), Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK), Maximizing facts on AIDS (MAXFACTA), Nairobits Trust, National Empowerment Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya (NEPHAK), UNESCO, Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK) and the World Starts With Me Alumni Youth Advocacy Network (WAYAN) to implement a 3 year programme (2013-2015)The Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK) programme funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of enhancing uptake of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services among young people aged between 10-24 years, including underserved groups.