AmplifyChange Network Grant 2015 – 2017 Program

Implemented by all the 17 partners within the Coalition, the AmplifyChange network grant 2015-2017 project goal is to improve the SRHR of young people and girls aged 10-24 by increasing their access to comprehensive SRHR information and services through collaborative efforts of civil society organizations under the Kenya SRHR Alliance.

Young people lack correct and comprehensive information on key SRHR issues including HIV and AIDS and harmful cultural practices. They encounter barriers in accessing SRH services due to distance to service points, lack of essential health commodities and services, lack of access to YFS, poor attitude of service providers, lack of knowledge on where to access services and retrogressive cultural and religious practices. Therefore, young people are vulnerable to sexual abuse and violence, STIs including HIV, unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, FGM, early and forced marriages, obstetric fistula and maternal mortality. The fact that most parents lack capacity to communicate with their children on sexuality exacerbates the situation. Also, the life skills education program meant to provide Comprehensive Sexuality education (CSE) in schools is not examinable and thus teachers put less emphasis on it.

Through strategies such as organizational capacity building, evidence gathering, communication and networking strengthening, the AmplifyChange network grant 2015-2017 project addresses specific issues around thematic areas such as:

  • Gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation, and ending child, early and forced marriage.
  • Access to comprehensive reproductive health services for socially and economically marginalized and vulnerable people.
  • Sexual health of young people and girls including through comprehensive sexuality education and ending child, early and forced marriage and menstrual hygiene management.

The change we want to achieve

In overall, the five expected outcomes for the AmplifyChange network grant 2015-2017 include: stronger, more inclusive movements for SRHR, increased individual awareness of SRHR as human rights, increased access to SRHR resources, information and services, transforming social norms and changes in policies and laws. Specifically, the project will increase access to SRH information by young people and girls through the evidence based interventions by CSO partners as well as through National CSE curriculum. Increased knowledge levels will contribute to better decision making on SRHR/HIV issues leading to a reduction in new HIV infections, AIDs related deaths and SGBV. The project will also contribute to increased access and uptake of SRH services by the target groups by informing the review of national guidelines of YFS which will increase the number of facilities offering YFS. The community SRHR champions will contribute to increased community awareness on harmful practices such as FGM and further help in promoting alternative rites of passage. They will also help address barriers to non-utilization of SRH services. The project will also contribute to increased budgetary allocation for SRHR thereby translating to better service delivery. Engagement by partner CSOs in these interventions will lead to a stronger SRHR Alliance in Kenya.